"There is not one weak link in this ensemble, so it seems almost unfair to single out performers, but...Tyla Collier grabs our attention with her Little Inez..."

-The Boston Globe 

Tyla Collier

"When Violet is en route, she winds up at a music hall where the singer (Tyla Collier) executes an intense and intoxicating solo." 

​-Boston Arts Diary

 "The actors are in a word, superb...The Blackbird, the classic harbinger of death, (portrayed by Tyla Collier through song and ballet) whose presence and voice gave rise to the black shadow that always walked with him...."

-Boothbay Register


"...Tyla Collier as Seaweed’s younger sister, Little Inez, also shines."

-The Theater Mirror

Photo by Shani Hadjian Photography