Photo by Shani Hadjian Photography 

Tyla Collier

"There is not one weak link in this ensemble, so it seems almost unfair to single out performers, but...Tyla Collier grabs our attention with her Little Inez..."

-The Boston Globe 

"When Violet is en route, she winds up at a music hall where the singer (Tyla Collier) executes an intense and intoxicating solo." 

​-Boston Arts Diary

 "The actors are in a word, superb...The Blackbird, the classic harbinger of death, (portrayed by Tyla Collier through song and ballet) whose presence and voice gave rise to the black shadow that always walked with him...."

-Boothbay Register

"...Tyla Collier as Seaweed’s younger sister, Little Inez, also shines."

-The Theater Mirror